the real reason i haven’t been here

hey guys, so it’s pretty obvious i have been really distant from tumblr and mainly get on here to just reblog things my friends tag me in. i haven’t watched wrestling in about a month so i couldn’t tell you anything that’s going on, and i feel bad i’ve been absent for so long without telling you guys what’s up.

i’ll be straight up and tell you guys that my girlfriend is currently pregnant. i’ve been dating her for 6 months, and i honestly feel like she is the one. we connect so beautifully and she’s really an amazing girl and person. i don’t know how often i’ll be on once the baby arrives, but i appreciate you guys wondering where i am and asking about me. this isn’t goodbye, i know that. but thank you guys for the support, and i really appreciate all of the friendships i’ve made on here

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hair game strong

the walking dead returns in a month

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ya but can we all agree that daniel bryan is so important and should be cherished forever

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an excellent source of protein

what ever happened to emma did she just fall off planet earth

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What do you use to make gifs?

morse code

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