Anonymous asked: in your opinion, what should WWE do with Sheamus?

turn him heel and tell him to be a MEAN MOTHERFUCKER

start brogue kicking children in the crowd

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i’m really happy about paige’s debut and her being champion, but i really wish they’d stop acting like she’s some girl who came in off the street and has no idea what the fuck she’s doing

like when she debuted and lawler shouted “SHE’S FROM NXT SHE ISNT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!” i just wish they’d build her up more as this really intense female wrestler and not some nobody who got a lucky pin over aj 

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paul heyman is on steve austin’s podcast this week and i really suggest y’all give it a listen

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hitting puberty in the wwe

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something about a wrestler crying when they win a championship just makes me happy

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